Ways To Teach Shapes For Your Kids and Toddlers

Learn shapes for kids with different colorful shapes train , street vehicles, kids toys and with different type of shapes songs and animated videos.

kids usually learn about shapes, colors, numbers and all educational fun videos from preschool. Introduce your child to the world of different shapes by giving some activities to explore. they can enjoy play and learning too. have a fun learning

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Learn Shapes :

Lets learn about shapes there are different type shapes such named as circle, rectangle, square, triangle and therefore.
Best Ways To Teach Shapes for your kids :

Make Shapes With Food : just add different shapes in meal with cookies, cakes, chocolates to your child and teach them how to identify each.
Food is very important factor for kids. if you add the shapes food they will like to eat more with fun. so add a dash of shapes to your child’s meals to help them identify colors. here is some ideas how to make shapes with food.

Clay Modelling :
Clay art is the best way to teach shapes… kids can actively participate to build and do crafting with clay… you can buy a modelling clay or you can prepare kids safe clay at home. i can tell you a easy way to prepare modelling clay at home.

Steps To Create Clay At Home :
Take a bowl and add 3 table spoon corn starch after add 1 tablespoon safe glue in it and add some vegetable oil in it. next add water, mix it and make as dough add different colors.

Shapes Learning Activities For Kids :

There are so many activities to learn shapes for kids from preschool …
here we collected some coloring activities for kids to learn shapes from to your kids, have a fun learning ..

Wooden Shapes Toy Set

Watch Here

Crocodile Shapes Set

Watch Here

Shapes Learning Ball

Watch Here

Butterfly Shapes

Watch Here

Color Balloons Shapes

Watch Here

Trampoline Park 3D Shapes

Watch Here

Magic Balls Shapes

Watch Here

Toy House Shapes

Watch Here

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